Associate a web miner to its web service

The graphical way

You can use the Tracker Miner Manager to graphically associate a miner and its web service. Check the source at git:// .

The underground way

Associating a miner using DBus tools like d-feet or qdbus is not hard, the procedure is described below.

The first thing you have to know is the association type of your web miner (this depends on the service the miner exploits). Call the GetAssociationData on the DBus interface to know the type of the miner:

  • If you get back an empty hash table, then it is a user/pass based authentication
  • If you get back a populated hash table, then the association (or authentication) is token based and done online

User/pass based authentication

Call the Associate method on the miner, passing a hash table with the following keys defined :

  • username
  • password

Depending on if you compiled in support for Gnome Keyring, the password will be stored either in the default keyring or in a keyfile.

Token based authentication

In the hash table returned by GetAssociationData, there's a url key defined. Point your browser to this url, and follow the procedure. If there was a post_url key defined, you can also point your browser to that url, and follow the procedure. This is optional.

When done, call the Associate method with no arguments.

Checking that it worked

Once the method returns, call the Authenticate method to authenticate the miner. The error names should be explicitely enough to guide you if anything goes wrong (if not, bug abustany on #tracker).

If no error appeared :

  1. You're pretty lucky
  2. The miner should now be happily fetching your data. The fetch interval is specific to each miner.

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