Git Commit Policy

Why do we need one?


  1. Everyone commits in different ways and it makes it harder to follow what's going on if different formats are used.
  2. We want to automate releases a bit more using a format we can script to save time during the week.



  • Usually a commit includes the area of Tracker which changes as a prefix to the change itself.
    • For test cases which also change something related to a binary we don't use tests: instead we use the binary which is being tested and refer to the test in the commit.

    • e.g. If referring to the tracker-miner-fs binary we need to know that for the release notes and so use:

      commit 7a1cbd264dc125a9abaa1d8d7b28956bc6eb0e1c
      Author: Aleksander Morgado <>
      Date:   Wed Dec 1 11:23:31 2010 +0100
          tracker-miner-fs: Use tracker_file_is_hidden()
  • The title of the commit shouldn't be so long that it doesn't fit within 80 characters if possible.
  • Avoid useless titles that tell other developers on the team nothing about the change:
    • e.g. tracker-store: fixed bug <-- What?

    • e.g. tracker-store: fixed memory leak <-- Where?

Bug Fixes

All commits which fix a bug in Bugzilla somewhere should:

Changes showing up in the NEWS & Release Notes

Our release scripts look for [NEWS] in each commit message body to know if it should be added to the NEWS file and release notes. There are some guidelines for this:

  • The title of the commit is used in the NEWS & release notes

  • The body of the commit must include [NEWS]

    • e.g.

      commit dd413866582f89b7b249596d4da78d3794df724d
      Author: Martyn Russell <>
      Date:   Fri Jan 15 15:45:56 2010 +0000
          tracker-search: Warn about using stopwords as search terms
  • The title must not be cryptic to non-Tracker developers.

    • e.g. tracker-extract: Support MP3 files <-- good

    • e.g. tracker-extract: Propagate radio waves through a sheep's bladder for efficiency <-- bad

  • Avoid trivial issues.
    • e.g. tracker-extract: Whitespace clean up

  • Major changes must be added with the [NEWS] keyword.

    • e.g. Requires Vala 0.11.2 was 0.11.1

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