Tracker: The family

Tracker is a piece of infrastructure that multiples its value when new sources of information are added, and applications get advantage of the information available. Those pieces (sources and application integration) can be developed independently from the core and ideally any distributor could pick the components he is interested in to give certain user experience.

Here is a compilation of projects that interact with Tracker: the Family.

Tracker core

In the tracker main code base the following components are available:

  • Store: The only mandatory piece. The component that stores the data.
  • Filesystem miner: To provide information about files. Scans and monitor certain directories (configurable) and extracts metadata from files.
  • Support for some formats. Covering the most used formats in audio/video/images/office. Formats are enabled/disabled depending on the libraries available in the system.

  • Some command-line tools to interact with tracker

  • Evolution miner: A plugin for evolution that inserts emails information into the Store.
  • RSS miner: Stand-alone process that can read RSS feeds and store them in Tracker
  • Flickr miner: Brings to Tracker the user's data from its flickr account.
  • Nautilus extension: maintained?
  • Tracker-needle: a UI to search in tracker. Replaces the old tracker-search-tool.

Other repos

  • Gnome Documents: Document browser which can get local content from Tracker

  • Gnome Music: Music player which can get local content from Tracker

  • Grilo: Library for content browsing, which supports getting local content from tracker

  • Rygel: Exports content via UPnP protocol. It can get the local content from Tracker.

  • UPnP content miner: Imports content available in the UPnP network.

  • Tracker-zilla: A web browser of the tracker graph

  • Tomboy-tracker plugin: To export Tomboy notes into Tracker

  • Solang: An image browser/viewer using Tracker to find the pictures in the system.


  • QSparql: Qt API to access triplet stores, it has a driver to use Tracker, extensions for the tracker-specific bits, and a simple-but-effective live model for qt applications.

  • Cubi: Qt/c++ sparql query builder.

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