Amtk notes

TODO list

  • Implement more factory functions.

Misc notes

  • An AmtkActionInfo could have a field for the default AmtkFactoryFlags (or to force some flags). For example setting AMTK_FACTORY_IGNORE_ACCELS_FOR_APP for the tepl-cut/copy/paste/select-all actions.

  • To prevent apps from modifying ActionInfos of libs, maybe seal an ActionInfo when it is added to a store, except for mark_as_used(). It's maybe a bit too paranoid.

  • Add convenient API to replace a placeholder by a list of menu/toolbar items? And be able to update the placeholder content when the application runs (so mark items to recognize them later, to know that they are part of the placeholder). Or create a Placeholder object that contains the list of items, so when the Placeholder object is modified, the menu/toolbar is updated accordingly.
  • Add one more sanity check: check that a GAction is implemented when (or after) creating a menu or toolbar item for that action?

  • When calling amtk_menu_item_set_icon_name(), do not have a large margin on the left. GtkUIManager was able to put the icon without the large margin (in the same column as the check or radio drawing). Maybe only GtkImageMenuItem is able to do that, but is deprecated (and removed in GTK+ 4).

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