Snowy Meeting Minutes

Jan 23 2009

Attendance: Sandy Armstrong, Brad Taylor, Paul Cutler, Stormy Peters, Manuel Holzleitner, Stuart Langridge, Hylke Bons, Doug Johnston


Snowy TODO

Tomboy Online Roadmap

Meeting purpose: Have Snowy more organized for a Tomboy Online launch in 2010


  • First priority is to make sure there is no data loss and user's notes are secure
  • Need volunteers to help with unit tests as the core Snowy developers are not webservice maintainers


  • Broken into phases
  • Software that doesn't get used is software that doesn't get bugs reported
  • Tomboy Online launch phases will serve as milestones for Snowy development
  • Phases:
    • Private alpha: Developers only to figure out the major bugs in Tomboy Online
    • Invite-only beta: Still beta, with higher level confidence of the service not eating a user's notes
    • Security tests must be in place to guarantee security for the alpha phase

Development Phases

  • Draft doc:

  • Development should be feature based, not time based
  • Need to monitor bandwidth usage ongoing through all phases
    • Stuart Langridge will help look into it
    • Need to review whether Tomboy Online should auto-sync or not to save bandwidth (actually this feature is going to be added no matter what [probably in Tomboy 1.2], the question is really what time interval is reasonable)
  • Design / UI
    • Design mockups / UI in HTML and CSS prior to creating in Djano templates
    • Main page, design for the note page and a design for a page that lists the user's notes are good starting tasks
    • Use the mockups directory Snowy's git repo on
    • Review dvj's application for git access (manuel has GNOME git access)
  • Private Alpha
    • Pick one deployment method and make sure it works
    • More complete unit tests of REST API
    • How to test security and deployment?
    • Depending on Sysadmin team, goal is to launch a private alpha in 3 weeks

Action Items / Next Steps

  • Paul to follow up with Sysadmin team on requirements
  • Paul to publish and announce the minutes and log
  • Manuel to bring the design to life and checkin to git editable mockup files
  • Brad to email the list with additional development taks and unit testing call for help

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