Snowy Meeting Minutes

Mar 14 2010

Attendance: Sandy Armstrong, Brad Taylor, Ray Wang, Stefano, Leon Handreke


Snowy TODO

Tomboy Online Roadmap

Meeting purpose: Have Snowy more organized for a Tomboy Online launch in 2010


  • Ray is now a member of the GNOME sysadmin team, and will be working on deploying Snowy to GNOME infrastructure
  • Lots of great patches coming from Leon and Sander
  • Marketing team is okay with us using the Tomboy Online name and domain for now, but they'd like us to use OpenID for authentication right from the beginning


  • We have three places to track tasks: the wiki, bugzilla, and the TODO file, and some tasks listed are not very clear
  • Stefano suggested that note encryption should be higher priority, but we all seem to agree that we have plenty of work to do before we get to that point
  • Leon had an outstanding patch for search-in-sidebar that Brad needed to review
  • Ray had some issues getting all the necessary dependencies to test deployment on his local machine
  • We need to work on OpenID ASAP, need to pick a library and integrate it, Leon interested in doing this
  • We need to figure out what it means to do a Snowy release, how to distribute it, etc

Action Items

  • Brad to clear out TODO file, and replace it with a link to the wiki
  • Brad to finish review of Leon's search-in-sidebar patch
  • Leon to look into OpenID
  • Ray to practice deploying Snowy, Stefano and the rest of us to help him with learning Apache, WSGI, etc
  • Stefano to look into note encryption
  • Sandy to figure out why sync has broken for Stefano
  • Sandy to think about how to do a Snowy release so we can follow GNOME schedule next cycle

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