1 08:06 <@sandy> so looking at where we are since the last meeting...
   2 08:06 <@sandy> http://live.gnome.org/Snowy/Meetings/04Apr2010
   3 08:06 <@sandy> it looks like we got stefano's sync problems figured out
   4 08:06 < pcutler> great!
   5 08:06 <@sandy> we cleaned out the old TODO file
   6 08:06 <@sandy> I opened several new bugs
   7 08:07 <@sandy> leonh has made a lot of progress on openid but has been a bit busy to finish it, but at least his code is up on github
   8 08:07 <@sandy> same with his sidebar patch, it's pretty much reviewed at this point
   9 08:07 < pcutler> I'm hoping to do an email recap every couple of weeks that updates action items and things in bugzilla, but didn't get to it last weekend with 2.30 release stuff
  10 08:07 < raywang> i think mine is done, from last meeting, I've started to learn some django stuff, and I felt it was fruitful
  11 08:07 <@sandy> heh, yeah
  12 08:08 <@sandy> I did put one Snowy-related idea up on the Summer of Code 2010 wiki
  13 08:08 <@sandy> so if you know any student who's interested in doing some django hacking this summer, let them know
  14 08:09 <@sandy> so raywang and I talked about deployment the other night
  15 08:09 <@sandy> it seems that the sysadmin team has a strong preference for RHEL5, which will make things a bit trickier because we'll need python 2.5 installed
  16 08:09 <@sandy> but you can't simply upgrade RHEL's python, or things like yum start to break, so you have to install it alongside python 2.4
  17 08:10 <@sandy> so ray may have a few hurdles ahead of him just in getting dependencies installed and working
  18 08:10 < pcutler> yes, ray sent a follow up email to the sysadmin team this weekend.  We have a to-do to install some VMs on our new server, so if we put Snowy in it's own VM we'll have some options
  19 08:10 <@sandy> I mentioned before that I'd really like to get this running this month
  20 08:10 < raywang> right, and i just sent out a email asking about that. :)
  21 08:11 <@sandy> so that by the end of the month, we can have a good feel for if we're ready to propose Snowy as a GNOME 3.0 module
  22 08:11 < pcutler> ok, I'll work with Ray and push on getting something set up on Combobox
  23 08:11 < raywang> great!
  24 08:12 <@sandy> I'll try to make sure I'm responding rapidly to anything ray needs
  25 08:12 < raywang> that's wonderful :)
  26 08:12 <@sandy> the only other thing I think I can do to help is to transfer the tomboy-online domains to you guys
  27 08:12 <@sandy> I'm not sure how to do that
  28 08:13 <@sandy> should I email sysadmin list?
  29 08:13 < pcutler> Yes, email gnome-infrastructure.  I think it's not that hard
  30 08:13 <@sandy> okay
  31 08:13 < raywang> pcutler, by the way, where are you live? (I just  want to know the time difference between us, so that I could schedule my time to talk with you if possible)
  32 08:14 < pcutler> raywang: Minneapolis, MN - GMT -6 (US CST)
  33 08:14 < raywang> k
  34 08:14 < raywang> thanks
  35 08:15 <@sandy> pcutler: can you think of anything else you need?
  36 08:15 < pcutler> no, I think we recapped the sysadmin stuff - get a VM installed, pick an OS and get the deps installed, take care of the domains
  37 08:16 <@sandy> alrighty then
  38 08:16 <@sandy> seems like a lot of people have been practicing deployment lately
  39 08:16 <@sandy> using apache+wsgi+mysql
  40 08:16 <@sandy> so that is promising
  41 08:16 <@sandy> https is even supposed to be working, which I hadn't been sure about
  42 08:16 <@sandy> so I'm confident we can do this quickly
  43 08:17 <@sandy> any questions? raywang?
  44 08:17 < raywang> which database do you think is preferable for snowy deployment?
  45 08:18 <@sandy> raywang: whatever you guys use already in gnome
  46 08:18 <@sandy> mysql or postgre would both be fine, I'm sure
  47 08:18 < raywang> do you guys believe sqlite is enough?
  48 08:18 <@sandy> no
  49 08:18 <@sandy> sqlite is just for testing, imho
  50 08:19 <@sandy> but we don't cover setting up the DB in our docs
  51 08:19 <@sandy> because it's the same as for any django application
  52 08:19 < raywang> sandy, sure, I got it
  53 08:19 <@sandy> http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/settings/#databases
  54 08:20 <@sandy> actually, ignore that link
  55 08:20 <@sandy> if you're using django 1.1, you want: http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.1/ref/settings/#database-engine
  56 08:20 <@sandy> okay, and if that's it...let's end the meeting here :-)
  57 08:20 <@sandy> thanks guys for stopping by
  58 08:21 < raywang> very nice, btw, i''ve been learning django by read the django book, it's a good reference. :)
  59 08:21 < raywang> thank you, sandy :)
  60 08:23 -!- ced117 [~ced117@AStrasbourg-157-1-16-61.w90-40.abo.wanadoo.fr] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]
  61 08:24 < pcutler> sandy: I'll get the minutes added later this afternoon
  62 08:25 < raywang> pcutler, what can I do for you guys? :)
  63 08:25 < pcutler> raywang: I need to followup with the sysadmin on my email from last week - the combobox question wasn't really answered and we're blocked on that
  64 08:28 < raywang> pcutler, hmm, yeah, it's tough
  65 08:29 <@brad> eep, sorry I'm late
  66 08:31 < raywang> combobox is xen based dom0
  67 08:31 < raywang> brad, hi, good to see you
  68 08:31 <@brad> you too, ray!
  69 08:31 < raywang> brad, it's okay, i think we mostly talk about "- get a VM installed, pick an OS and get the deps installed, take care of the domains", you  don't miss much. :)
  70 08:32 -!- ced117 [~ced117@AStrasbourg-157-1-81-233.w90-56.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #snowy
  71 08:32 <@brad> raywang: cool!  great to have you working on it for us.  you rock!

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