Sunday, April 4th, 15:00 UTC / 11:00 EDT / 8:00 PDT


Previous Action Items

(from Snowy/Meetings/14Mar2010)

  • Brad to clear out TODO file, and replace it with a link to the wiki

  • Brad to finish review of Leon's search-in-sidebar patch

  • Leon to look into OpenID

  • Ray to practice deploying Snowy, Stefano and the rest of us to help him with learning Apache, WSGI, etc
  • Stefano to look into note encryption
  • Sandy to figure out why sync has broken for Stefano

  • Sandy to think about how to do a Snowy release so we can follow GNOME schedule next cycle


Blah blah blah see SummerOfCode2010/Ideas if you're a student blah blah blah

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