Better "no-notes" page

Snowy: Better "no-notes" page:

Category: User Interface

Difficulty: average

Estimated time: 4 days

Task description: Right now, snowy does not have a useful page to greet new users that haven't synced any notes yet. You can change that.

The new page should have a nice illustration showing the user how to get his notes into snowy. A cloud (symbolizing the cloud-computing aspect of snowy) and a Tomboy icon uploading notes to the cloud (maybe an arrow pointing from the stack of notes to the cloud?) would be one possibility, but we are open to whatever ideas you have. The graphic should fit in the with the general design and color theme of snowy (yellow-brown) There should also be a compact, easily-understandable (maybe even slightly funny?) text welcoming the user, telling him that there are no notes and giving brief instructions what do to next.

You should have a lot of attention to detail to make sure the page looks "Just Right"(tm). Be open for criticism - design is always a subjective thing, so we'll be working together with you to create a design that we all like.

You should submit both your graphic as a vector-based file format (preferably svg) and the patch for the django template (basically HTML with a few add-ons) as an attachment to a bug in our bugzilla bug tracker.

If you want to talk to us before claiming this task to discuss your ideas or ask any questions, you can find us in #snowy on Be patient, we're not around 24/7...

Benefits: New users will no longer be left standing in the rain looking at a dull brown page but instead be greeted with a nice welcome page showing them the next steps to get up and running with Tomboy Online


  • Good design skills and attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of how to use a vector-based drawing program (like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator)
  • HTML and a bit of CSS
  • Communicate with your mentors using IRC and/or Email
  • Ability to respond to constructive criticism
  • Good written English skills

Primary contact: Leon Handreke ( and Jeff Schroeder (

Link multiple OpenID's to one account

Snowy: Link multiple OpenID's to one account:

Category: Code

Difficulty: advanced

Estimated time: 4 days

Task description:

Currently, snowy users have a choice of either creating their account with a username/password combination or an OpenID account.

You should make it possible to link arbitrary OpenID's to any snowy account (whether the account was created with a user/password combination or with an OpenID). Our underlying infrastructure supports this already, so we now need a way for a user to add (and remove) an OpenID to his account. This should be handled by adding an extra section to the settings page with a list of currently activated OpenID's and an option to add a new one with the existing service selector we have on the login page.

While working on this you will be touching several parts of the snowy code - the user interface, the settings and login views and the library that we use to handle OpenID authentication. You will have to read the existing code and understand how the different components work together to be able to make the right changes in the appropriate places.

We are aware that this is not an easy task - if you have any questions about the task or need advice on how to solve a specific problem with the code, you can talk to us in #snowy on Be patient, we're not around 24/7...

Your work should be delivered as patches attached to a bug on our bugzilla bug tracker. You should keep the changes to the library that we use (django-openid-auth) to a minimum and pack them in a separate patch (this makes it easier to update the library should we ever need to).

Benefits: Transitioning to a new OpenID or associating an existing account with an OpenID will be possible, further increasing the attractiveness of using OpenID with snowy. For "powerusers", adding multiple OpenID's is a nice feature (maybe you want to log in with Google on your mobile phone but don't mind typing in your main OpenID URL on your desktop computer).


  • Good python skills and knowledge of django
  • Know how to use git to create patches

Primary contact: Leon Handreke ( and Jeff Schroeder (

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