Session Management

Session management in GNOME is handled by gnome-session. The default session on GNOME uses GNOME Shell, but gnome-session is also able to start other sessions with different desktop environments. The gnome-session script is usually started by the display manager (such as GDM3) after a user has entered the correct credentials on the login screen. If gnome-session is invoked with the --systemd option (available since GNOME 3.34), then gnome-session will use systemd to create a user slice and start the required services.

Session Manager

/GnomeSession /NewGnomeSession

LucasRocha is currently hacking on this, for GNOME 2.24 (See Todo)

SM Client


Thoughts on /SavingState

Session capplet


Alternate Designs

ColinWalters' proposal for /AutoSession

Relevant Art

Windows Vista

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