The SeedKit project provides a set of modules matching different user types requirements:

  • SeedKit library

  • SeedKit Viewer (Floor)

    • Local HTML/JS/CSS application (or plants) launcher.
  • SeedKit Site Specific Browser (Tutor)

    • Online web application launcher. Provides desktop integrations points (notifications, icon badges, menu...) for remote applications.
  • SeedKit-based Applications (Plant)

    • A Plant is a set of standard web sources files (HTML, CSS and JS) accompanied by a simple configuration file. Plants are launched using Floor.
  • Session-wide CSS
    • A global CSS sheet is provided to ensure some consistency among the different plants. It provides theming for common widgets (buttons, text area, list). Both users and plants' developers can override the default values, but this is discouraged.
  • GtkBuilder to HTML/CSS/JS

    • A script and XSLT file will be provided to existing applications developers to convert their GtkBuilder UIs into HTML/JS/CSS.

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