Rygel as streaming(-only) server

After release 0.9.6, it is possible to use rygel as streaming HTTP (proxy) server. All you need to do is:

  1. Disable 'UPnP' through any of the configuration sources:
    1. Configuration file: upnp_enabled=false
    2. Environement: RYGEL_DISABLE_UPNP=1
    3. Commandline: -P
  2. Tell rygel to use a particular port (lets assume 57734)
    1. Configuration file: port=57734
    2. Environement: RYGEL_PORT=57734
    3. Commandline: -p 57734
  3. Launch rygel

The configuration file is in ${HOME}/.config/rygel.conf (or ${PREFIX}/etc/rygel.conf if that doesn't exist)

After that you can just stream/transcode any file rygel knows about. You will need to know how rygel creates the URI for items:


The CamelCase name of known backends: Tracker, MediaExport and GstLaunch.

The ID of the item is different for each backend:

  • tracker: Prefix the Tracker URN (use the SPARQL magic to find it out) with:
  • media-export: MD5 of the original URI (for local files that means the 'file://FULL_PATH').

By default rygel dynamically attaches to every up/active network interface (easily changeable just like the port) so the IP in the URI could be the IP of any of the active interfaces.

For transcoding, just append '/tr/TRANSCODER_NAME' to the URI where TRANSCODER_NAME is the DLNA profile name (currently limited to MP3, LPCM, WMVHIGH_FULL, MPEG_TS_SD_EU_ISO and MPEG_TS_HD_NA_ISO)

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