Installing Rygel on N900

Installing via application manager

  1. Start the Application manager.

  2. Click the Application manager menu bar at the top and select Application catalogs.

  3. Press the New button.

  4. Enter the following details:
    •     Catalog name: Fatal
          Web address:
          Distribution: fremantle
          Components: free
  5. Press Save and click at the top to close the Application catalogs dialog.

    • (The available applications will now be updated and you'll need Internet access.)
  6. Choose Download.

  7. You'll find Rygel under the Multimedia section.

Installing on the command line

  1. From application manager, install 'rootsh'.
  2. In the terminal run these commandlines:

$ sudo gainroot
# cat > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ah-maemo-repo.list
deb fremantle free non-free
deb-src fremantle free non-free
# apt-get update
# apt-get install rygel

Running Rygel

At this point you should have rygel installed. When you want to share media, you will need to run rygel from commandline. (There is also a plan to provide a nice applet to do this for you.)

Known Issues

  • When you launch rygel, you might get a crasher message about mafw-dbus-wrapper, please ignore (choose "Delete" option) it for now. The fix for this problem is already on it's way but it might take a few weeks before you get it to your device.
  • These packages haven't been updated for several months now. The reason for that is explained by the packager here.

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