Rygel Media Engines

Rygel provides some server media engines by default, to implement Rygel's streaming and (optionally) transcoding and seeking capabilites.

You may also implement your own media engine instead, to use a different multimedia framework.

GStreamer media engine

Rygel's GStreamer media engine uses the streaming, transcoding and seeking abilities of the GStreamer framework, which is available on most platforms.

The source format may be anything GStreamer's decodebin can handle. The supported output formats are:

  • Audio:
    • MP3
    • LPCM
    • AAC
  • Video:
    • MPEG TS
    • WMV version 1 (mainly for XBox 360 compatability)
    • H.264 baseline with AAC audio in MP4 container

Simple media engine

The Simple media engine uses no multimedia framework and therefore offers no transcoding or time-based seeking.

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