This page lists the user stories of how well Rygel/GUPnP is interoperable with different UPnP/DLNA hardware out there.

If your device do not work as expected, you must file a bug and not just update this page. Here is how:

Also please provide the link to the bug(s) you filed in your report here.

Playstation 3

Main target hardware. If something doesn't work with it, do report a bug. :)

Xbox 360

Interoperability with XBox 360 is available starting with 0.5.2; there are some limitations though:

  • AVIs are a complicated topic to serve for the XBox. We currently make no difference
    • if it is a file the XBox 360 is able to handle or not.

Sony Bravia KDL-32V5500

Tested by MatthijsKooijman, JeroenHoek

Audio streaming

  • MediaExport works out of the box, when the right gstreamer plugins are installed (I needed the "ugly" plugin set for MP3 streaming).

  • Pulseaudio streams can be browsed, but not yet played but since the stream is provided by PulseAudio and stream starts OK, its not obviously Rygel's fault.

Video streaming

  • Video streaming works, but fast-forwarding and rewinding crashes Rygel; see 665476. Pausing the stream does work as expected.


  • Works with JPEG's.

Sony Bravia KDL-46W4500

Tested by JamesHenstridge

  • Browsing and streaming music works, provided the LPCM or MP3 transcoders are enabled.
  • This set does not support video streaming.

Sony Bravia KDL-40Z5500

Tested by JamesHenstridge

  • Video streaming works. The set should also accept AVC/AC3 video served in an mpeg 2 transport stream.

Sony BDP-S370 Blu-Ray Player

Tested by RyanVanSickle

  • Photo browsing and viewing works.
  • Browsing and streaming music works, provided the LPCM or MP3 transcoders are enabled.

Sony BDP-S470 Blu-Ray Player

Rygel test results with a slew of test images/music/videos in different formats:

  • Pictures: Device displays JPEG natively; PNGs not transcoded or displayed from Rygel.
  • Music: Device plays MP3 natively; OGG and FLAC correctly transcoded to LPCM by Rygel and play perfectly.
  • Videos: Device displays error message "There is no playable file." for any and all videos from Rygel with both transcoding enabled and disabled. Device can see and play some videos from Windows 7 and most videos from MiniDLNA.
  • Device does not support Unicode filenames or metadata, showing blank lines for strings containing Unicode, but can still play the files.

Sony BDP-S570 Blu-Ray Player

Tested by kosmepe

  • Detects dlna server automatically (tested with Fedora 15)
  • Folder browsing OK.
  • Transcoding of audio OK
  • Pictures OK
  • Video playback fails, player needs to be powered down. Was too lazy to either file a bug or even read the instructions above.

Sony BDP-S770 Blu-Ray Player

Tested by KjetilBMoe (kjetil €

  • Detects dlna server automatically (tested with Ubuntu 10.04 repository Rygel / 10.10 Git Rygel)
  • Folder browsing ok.
  • Transcoding of audio (ogg) works flawlessly, and song start after remote control button is pressed, is surprisingly short.
  • Player supports mp4 playback, and Rygel correctly did choose not to transcode the video being tested.
  • xvid playback fails. Low CPU usage and high network output on Rygel server reveals attempt to stream original file to player. Player Divx support may be reason for this (unconfirmed). Player does at this point not respond to remote control actions, and Rygel has to be shut down in order to return to normal state. Update 2011-03-04: player supports Divx and mp4, but not in DLNA mode.


Tested by ThijsVermeir

First of all, this mediaplayer is delivered with old firmware so the first thing todo is upgrade to the latest version. I tested with firmware 1.18p PAL.

Audio streaming

  • Audio streaming works like expected.

Philips Blu-Ray Player BDP5100

Tested by SvenNeumann

Works to some extent with latest Rygel. Still trying to figure out what exactly works and what doesn't...

Samsung UE46B7070

Tested by AndreasHenriksson

Audio streaming

  • Playing MP3 files from Rygel exported by both Tracker and MediaExport works.

Video streaming

  • Playing DivX/Xvid from Rygel (exported by MediaExport) works with the following limitations:

    • If rygel/gupnp often fails to provide a suitable DLNA Profile, the Samsung TV will not allow pause/fastforward/rewind.
    • Probably because of the above issue, it seems that if the Samsung TV ever runs out of video to decode it will stop the playback (and automatically move onto playing the next item in the directory).
    • If you have Rygel 0.7.8 you can solve these issues:
      • download the non-standard-for-samsung.xml file attached to this page and put it in /usr/share/gupnp-dlna/dlna-profiles/

      • then rm ~/.cache/rygel/media-export.db ; killall -HUP rygel

  • Samsung is (in)famous for promising Matroska (mkv) support, without supporting DTS audio. DTS seems to be the common audio codec used in MKV!
    • Trying to play a mkv with dts audio will result in Samsung promptly displaying a dialog about unsupported format. Transcoding needed for audio stream.
    • MKV with h264 video and ac3 audio does NOT play out of the box even though TV supports it. Workarounds:
      • Renaming the file to whatever.avi (!!!) makes playback work! (Tested on Rygel 0.5.2)
      • If you have Rygel 0.7.8:
        • download the non-standard-for-samsung.xml file attached to this page and put it in /usr/share/gupnp-dlna/dlna-profiles/

        • then rm ~/.cache/rygel/media-export.db ; killall -HUP rygel

  • Rygel supports Samsung proprietary protocol extension to serve subtitle (*.srt) files since version 0.5.2.
    • (Samsung doesn't implement an outline border on the text and it's too small, so it's not very useful. Nothing Rygel can do anything about. SamyGO project has implemented a hack to fix this if you're willing to void your warranty by hacking the tv firmware.)

dnt Ipdio mini

Tested by JensGeorg

This applies to the receiva firmware v257-xxxx. It seems that more recent firmwares have issues discovering Rygel. The fix for this is included in Rygel >= 0.16.1.

Audio playback

  • UPnP (and some other stuff) does not work reliably with factory firmware so an update is advisable
  • Works fine with MediaExport. Supports native playing of Vorbis in ogg containers iff the mime type is "application/ogg".

  • This probably applies to all devices using the Reciva firmware

Raumfeld Multiroom Audio system

Tested by SvenNeumann

See Raumfeld web-site

Since the Raumfeld system itself uses the gupnp libraries, compatibility is guaranteed. The rygel media-server can be added as a music resource, any audio content on it will be added to your music library and can be played back on the Raumfeld UPnP speakers.

TechniSat InternetRadio 1

Audio playback

  • Works pretty fine as a DMP, is able to browse and play streams, including transcoded ones.
  • Doesn't exactly work (yet) as a DMR as it expects a file extension at the end of the URI so once we change our URI creation scheme to suit this device, this device will work out of the box with Rygel as DMR too. 644538

Video Playback

  • This device is audio only

Toshiba Regza 40SL500U HDTV

Tested by Chris Fahlman

This Regza 40" LED HDTV has a media player built-in with DNLA support. Our TV is attached with an ethernet cable to a wireless network (a wireless adapter can also be used). Tested with a dell 1540 laptop running Ubuntu, with GStreamer and Rygel. Using the media export or tracker plugins, the file selected using the TV would often not be the correct file (a different file would play). I'm not sure if this is an issue with the TV or Rygel.

Audio transcoded

  • The device superbly plays audio streams transcoded (I tried mp3, flac and ape files). Pause and resume remote control buttons work.

Video transcoded

  • Tried an mkv video (avc1 + a52): Choppy video, and no sound. This might not be the TV's fault. Pause, resume and fast forward on the TV remote worked.


  • Choppy playback of a tiny mpeg file


  • Plays mp3 files


  • The TV only can do small jpegs.



  • Accepts nearly every format
  • External subtitles do not work 661228


  • Playing audio from computer streaming by pulseaudio works fine!

Nokia E72

  • Firmware was 081.003 (15-Oct-2011)
  • Device is a control point
  • Browsing, discovery and player control works fine with at least Rygel >= 0.11.3

Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Build-in DLNA support works with at least Rygel >= 0.14.1


  • Version, tested on Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Browsing, discovery and player control works fine with at least Rygel >= 0.14.1.

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