Ideas for improving Rygel, the UPnP/DLNA framework for GNOME (Mobile)

* YouTube plugin: User will be able to browse and play his favorite videos on his UPnP control point/media player (think PS3). This will also be a good chance to add 'Search' feature in Rygel since this plugin will be the first to need it.

* Scheduled recording service for DVB: At the moment user is only able to browse and watch live channels through DVBDaemon. Browsing of EPG data will be added soon as well. However, implementing scheduled recording is another story. Since UPnP ScheduledRecording service seems to be very similar to ContentDirectory service, it will be best to avoid code-duplication between these two implementations.

* Different live feed plugins: This could mean many things but what I have in mind specifically a plugin that exposes v4l2 devices (most probably discovered through HAL) on the UPnP network.

* A standalone media source plugin: At the moment Rygel is completely reliant on Tracker to be able to serve the user's media. While tracker is a great project and getting better and better everyday, it is still a valid use-case to be able to tell Rygel to just serve arbitrary files/folders without having to install and configure tracker.

General ideas to improve (G)UPnP integration in GNOME

* (G)UPnP backend for GVFS: This will allow a generic access to all applications (not only media players) to contents on UPnP/DLNA Media Servers without them having to write any code. Many people (e.g Kilikali and Canonal2 authors) have already asked me if such a thing already exist.

* DLNA Digital Media Player (DMP) plugins for Totem, enabling it to browse, search and play media from DLNA Digital Media Servers.

* DLNA Digital Media Renderer (DMR) plugins for Totem, enabling users to remotely control it, which includes asking it to play arbitrary URIs that it can handle.

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