Rygel Development

Source Code Repository

Rygel development takes place in Rygel's GNOME git repository. To clone the latest development version run the following command:

git clone https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/rygel/

Openhub tracks our development activity. You can also view a short visualization of development history up to 22nd of January 2013.

Source Tarballs

You may download source tarballs from GNOME's FTP server.

Working with the Code

Here are some Instructions for building Rygel and its dependencies

See the CodingStyle page for style conventions used in Rygel development.

We track Rygel bugs in Gitlab's issue tracker.


See the Rygel Architecture page and the Rygel Architecture Diagram.


Our aim is to make Rygel (as a MediaServer) 100% DLNA-compliant and that should help to assure basic interoperability (IOP) with most UPnP/DLNA hardware available in the market. However, not all implementations are perfect, so we need some workarounds to assure interoperability with many devices (such as the XBox). Therefore, we maintain a page aboutRygel Interoperability to document our observations about Rygel with each device.


You can browse content served by Rygel's server plugins using other UPnP/DLNA client software, such as:


  • Build-time:
    • Core:
      • gupnp
      • gupnp-av
      • gio (part of glib source package)
      • libgee
      • libuuid
      • libsoup
      • xsltproc
      • docbook-xsl
      • vala
      • Optional, for API documentation:
        • valadoc
        • gtkdoc
    • GStreamer engine:
      • gstreamer
      • gst-plugins-base
      • gstreamer-pbutils (part of gst-plugins-base source package)
      • gst-editing-services
    • Preferences UI and some of the examples:
      • gtk+
    • MediaExport plugin:

      • sqlite3
      • gupnp-dlna
    • Tracker plugin:
      • libtracker-sparql
  • Run-time:
    • Might be needed (depending on your usage and media collection):
      • gst-plugins-good
      • gst-libav
      • gst-plugins-bad
      • gst-plugins-ugly
    • shared-mime-info


These specifications are relevant to Rygel:


The following developers have made major contributions to Rygel and GUPnP.

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