DBus services provided by Rygel

* org.gnome.Rygel1

  • /org/gnome/Rygel1
    • none org.gnome.Rygel1.Shutdown()
    So only one method that tells Rygel to shutdown.

Removed in recent versions of Rygel:

  • /org/gnome/Rygel/MediaExport1
    • none org.gnome.Rygel.MediaExport1.AddUri(s uri)

    • none org.gnome.Rygel.MediaExport1.RemoveUri(s uri)

    • as org.gnome.Rygel.MediaExport1.GetUris()

    AddUri adds a new URI to be harvested (of metadata), stored in DB and exported over to UPnP world. This could be any URI that gio can handle (both files and directories). RemoveUri Does the opposite of AddUri. GetUris provides the list of URIs added through AddUri method.

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