Pygtk website planning

This is the website wiki page, all the documentation related with the design of the website should be documented right here.

Current situation

  • Right now, the website frontpage focuses on the latest news, while other contents, as a brief description and other important contents, as download links and documentation resources is more difficult to find.
  • By analyzing the stats we have for, we can see that most people go to the download page. And we can deduce that a considerable amount of them come use the win32 platform, as other users are expected to get pygtk through their distro's packages.
  • The windows download section is on the bottom, in the least prominent place.
  • The Tutorial and the Reference are the most relevant documentation items, but there are some more verbose and simple documents to start with now, in the articles section. Maybe these are better suited to be presented as introductory material for newbies.

Proposed steps

Front page

  • Change frontpage to a layout similar to that on the ruby-on-rails website, with focused sections that are prominent, comprehensive and easy to understand for all the target audience. (Get excited, Get started/Download, Get Better, Get Involved) -> (What's pygtk, Download, Learn, Get Involved)?

  • We can push the news items down to make place for the previous step and later can put them in a side box.

Download page

  • we need to reorganize it and get the win32 combined installer at the top. It will be the canonical way to start using pygtk.

Learn page

  • we need an intermediate page to explain the documentation avaliable and giving an overview about each of those sources (articles, tutorial, FAQ, reference, development tools, applications list, google code?)

Other TODO tasks

  • Add images to the applications list
  • Rename the "Tutorial" as "User Manual"
  • Write a real Tutorial picking the best articles and bits from the FAQ. (glade usage is a must have here)
  • Write articles or a tutorial chapter on how to write pygtk widgets using pygtk:
    1. Display widget (lawrence oluyede's tutorial)
    2. Container widget (eg. a gjc's HIGContainer widget or a circle layout widget)
    3. Data entry widget (eg. one like ip entry widget in libsexy)
  • Write tutorial chapter on using libglade/glade with pygtk (using the article by Mark Mruss as guideline?)
  • Write an article on guidelines for custom widgets: when to use simple subclasses, when to delegate (compound widgets), when to use HIGContainer, etc... and how to use those widgets within gazpacho.
  • Write article on good practicer for keeping code and GUI sepparate (patterns)
  • Proof read the tutorial/reference
  • Cook some examples
  • help on IRC, ML

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