Requirements to have a project hosted on the GNOME infrastructure

The main pre-requisites for requesting resources on the the servers are:

  1. The project must be free/open source software.
  2. It must use GTK/GNOME technologies.
  3. It must be maintained, and already have had at least one public release.
  4. To the best of your knowledge, it must not infringe on patents (most servers are in the US).
  5. If copyright assignment is required, please first read our policy on copyright assignments; it's simpler to not have any copyright assignment.

To satisfy these requirements, particularly number 3, please send us any relevant URLs such as project homepage, list archives, download page etc. If the project is clearly useful and established enough, there shouldn't be a problem, but we must be careful not to agree to host everyone's pet project. Our volunteer sysadmin team cannot do the same job as, say, SourceForge and others.

If you believe your project meets these requirements, head to Git/NewRepository to learn how to request a git repository.

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