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Yelp uses the Firefox Gecko engine for help. The current Gecko engine it uses is from Firefox 2. The accessible Gecko engine is in Orca/Firefox 3, so we will get much better access to yelp once it moves over to the newer Gecko rendering engine from Firefox 3. See bug 356041 to track the progress.

In the meantime, here's some notes for a workaround from Bohdan R. Rau. The script is also added as an attachment to bug 356041 if you cannot get to Bohdan's site:

Here's a script from a community member that might help us for a while.

"As Yelp is not accessible now, I wrote a small script which replaces 
Yelp and allows to display Gnome help screens with Firefox 3 or Lynx. I 
tested it on both my PLD Linux box and fresh Ubuntu 7.10 installation - 
seems to be working.

You can download this script from and 
follow instructions in README file.

At now this script works only with gnome help (not info and man pages) 
but I think it's most important, as both info and man should be 
accessible from terminal. Error messages are spoken directly by Orca.

It's my first program written in Python...  :) 

Bohdan R. Rau

Even more from Steve Holmes:

With all geek factors asside, I recalled manually placing the files in
/usr/local/bin on my Slackware 12 box and I've been enjoying
accessible help for some time now. Basically I replaced yelp with the
ayer script and it's been all good.  It's been long enough ago for me
to forget if I had to do anything else.  The manuall instructions did
me fine.

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