Orca's Splash Screen

1. Description

The Orca splash screen image is 480 x 291 pixels. It is visually divided by an S-shaped/wave-like thick line going from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner. Below the wave the image is very light grey -- almost white, though the wave gives off a bit of a shadow beneath it.

In the bottom right corner is the Orca logo: The side/profile image of an Orca whale facing left with a white cane tucked under its fin.

The upper left corner is light yellow and resembles the sun shine. Faint beams of yellow extend down and towards the right extending to the wave. As you get closer to the wave, the background transitions from yellow to a light orangish-pink.

The line that is the wave itself is a gradient: light yellow in the bottom left corner, progressing to organish-pink the closer you get to the upper right corner.

In the upper left corner, over the sun, is the word "ORCA" in all caps. The letters are black and shiny. In the vertical center of the image, running from the left side of the image to the right, and nearly twice as tall as the print lettering, there is semi-transparent, white simbraille which says 'orca' (no capitalization indicated). The 'o' and 'r' are the most visible because they appear over the bottom part of the sun. The 'c' and 'a' are underneath the wave and are thus white simbraille over a light-grey/almost-white background. While a bit harder to see, the 'c' and 'a' are still visible.

2. A Screen Reader Needs A Splash Screen .... Why?

Before, if you had disabled the Orca main window and launched (or relaunched) Orca, you likely would have no idea where you were because no window claimed focus. (And thus we didn't know where you were either.) So we could do all sorts of really ugly, non-performant things to figure out where you might be. Or we could have a pretty splash screen that, upon going away, caused the window with focus to claim focus in the form of a window:activate event. We went with the latter.

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