Learn Mode

1. Overview

Orca will provide a feature that optionally presents the command to be invoked when the user presses a key on the keyboard or braille display. If there is no command associated with a given key, Orca will identify that key. In the case of alphanumeric keys, double-clicking will cause Orca to speak that character phonetically.

All key events in this mode will be consumed by Orca, thus allowing the user to freely type anything to learn what the effect of the key will be.

Learn Mode information being spoken must be able to be interrupted at any time.

2. Keybindings

  1. Enter Learn Mode
    • Default desktop keybinding: Orca + h
    • Default laptop keybinding: Orca + h
  2. Exit Learn Mode (technically not a keybinding)
    • Default desktop keybinding: Esc
    • Default laptop keybinding: Esc

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