1. Presentation of Placeholders

"Placeholders" are the objects on the slide that hold the title, text, graphics, charts, etc. When focus is in the scroll pane, one can move among the placeholders by pressing Tab/Shift+Tab. A focused placeholder can be repositioned by pressing the arrow keys. To edit the content of a focused placeholder, press Return. To stop editing, press Escape.

1.1. Speak placeholder contents when that placeholder is given focus

(Bug 538064)

  • When focus is given to a placeholder, Orca should speak the text being displayed in that placeholder
  • In the absence of text (e.g., a graphic which has already been inserted), what should we say? Perhaps the placeholder type?

1.2. Indicate when editing is enabled/disabled

(Bug 538046)

  • When editing has been enabled/started, Orca should speak "editing text" (Mike, what about "editing on"?)
  • When editing has been disabled/stopped, Orca should speak "not editing text" (Mike, what about "editing off"?)

1.3. Announce when a placeholder is being moved

(Bug 538062)

Mike needs to spec out the exact language. But generally speaking, we want to know the direction, the amount moved if possible, and if the placeholder is now overlapping another placeholder as a result. Perhaps something along the lines of:

  • "Placeholder moved down 10 <units>" (where units is pixels or mm or inches or whatever we can get)

  • "Placeholder moved down 10 <units> and overlaps text placeholder" (maybe we also want to indicate where the overlap is taking place)

2. Access to Slides in the Scroll Pane

2.1. Provide basic slide information when Page Up/Page Down is used

(Bug 538050)

One can navigate among slides when editing a presentation by pressing Page Up/Page Down from within the scroll pane. When this occurs, Orca should announce the slide title, number, and count when Page Up/Page Down is pressed

Example: given a 10-slide presentation in which the title placeholder of slide 2 contains the text "My Nifty Title", Orca would speak the following when the user pressed Page Down to move to slide 2: "My Nifty Title, slide 2 of 10"

If there is no title placeholder, just speak the slide number and count. Also, if there is a title placeholder, but a title hasn't been provided (i.e. it says "Click to Add Title", we should act as if the slide is titleless.

2.2. Include the "view" as part of the scroll pane context

(Bug 538056)

There are a number of different "views" available when viewing/editing a presentation: Normal, Outline, Notes, Handout, Slide Sorter. When focus is given to the scroll pane, the view should be included as part of the context. (e.g. "Normal scroll pane")

3. Custom Behaviors for Core Orca Features

We're going to want to have customized whereAmI information, probably both at the basic and at the detailed levels. This needs to be spec'ed.

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