Braille Mappings

1. Overview

Orca should provide a check box on the braille tab of the config UI called "braille display moves cursor". This feature will be unchecked by default. If this feature is enabled Orca should not speak if focus was updated by pressing a Braille key. If this feature is disabled the user should be able to wander the application with the braille display similar to flat review.

In text areas using movement commands from the braille display should move the caret. If the user moves to the last currently visible line of the window the page should scroll. If the act of panning does not cause the user to move to a new line it is not necessary to update the cursor position. If the user moves the braille display up and down by line Orca should try to honor the horizontal position.

This section describes the default braille mappings for the focus tracking and flat review modes of the Orca screen reader. Note that Orca allows these mappings to be overridden and extended, allowing users to define their own braille mappings.

Where at all possible, the default braille mappings for Orca will map to their equivalent action in BrlTTY. This permits users to have a consistent experience with their braille display when using virtual character-cell consoles on their machine as well as the GUI display.

2. Bindings

The braille key functionality includes the following:

  • Pan left: BRL_CMD_FWINLT.
  • Pan right: BRL_CMD_FWINRT
  • Line up: BRL_CMD_LNUP
  • Line down: BRL_CMD_LNDN
  • Beginning of line: BRL_CMD_LNBEG
  • End of line: BRL_CMD_LNEND
  • Top of window: BRL_CMD_TOP_LEFT
  • Bottom of window: BRL_CMD_BOT
  • Return to focus: BRL_CMD_HOME
  • Cursor routing/clicking:
  • Text selection: accomplished by pressing a touch cursor at the beginning and end of the region that the user wishes to select in conjunction with another well known key on the display.
  • Set watched area:
  • Set Bookmarked area:
  • Go to bookmarked area:
  • Go to watched area:

In addition, the following commands will be used to cycle between braille features:

  • Toggle space compression: BRL_CMD_SLIDEWIN. Toggles whether or not spaces are compressed when navigating with the braille display
  • Toggle grade two on and off:
  • Toggle what attributes if any are displayed:
  • Enter verbosity mode: BRL_CMD_PREFMENU
  • Toggle keyboard learn mode: BRL_CMD_LEARN
  • Toggle display style: toggles between the default view, which is the logical presentation of the focus and the contents of the current line.

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