Orca Screen Reader: Road Map

Settings and UI

  • Migrate to GSettings (Orca currently rolls its own)
  • Convert the application settings to use the settings manager's backend
  • Move as much of the configuration as possible into gnome-control-center
  • For other Orca UI, add Qt support so Gtk+ is not a required dependency

Document Content

  • Migrate Orca's WebKit support to the generic web script, including caret control

  • Continue implementing support for MathML
  • Continue improving support for web applications, especially those which use ARIA
  • Add/improve support for LibreOffice Impress

Libpeas Plugins

  • Implement libpeas support in Orca
  • Migrate command-based features to libpeas plugins


  • Add support in Orca for the (to-be-created) support expected to be added to toolkits, ATK, and AT-SPI2
  • Create Orca-specific gestures for Orca commands for touch interfaces

General/Ongoing Maintenance

  • Add support for new widgets added to toolkits
  • Add support for new roles, new states, and new interface API in ATK/AT-SPI2, and remove support for deprecated API
  • Implement generic support for application's find feature and wizards for more consistent user experience
  • Implement braille word wrap
  • Continued code clean up and refactoring
  • Migrate to using AT-SPI2 directly (via gobject introspection) rather than via pyatspi2


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