Orca 2.20 Road Map

OVERALL STATUS: GNOME 2.20 was a good release for Orca. We addressed a lot of issues and rounded out the offerings, but we unable to fully address Firefox 3.0 due to the slippage in the Mozilla schedule. The Java platform support suffered due to a major issue with the Python-to-Java CORBA connection.

If we were to briefly characterize the GNOME 2.20 focus for Orca, it would be to "round out the offerings in this problem space." This includes focusing on Firefox 3.0 for the purposes of better understanding the web accessibility problem, and also includes rounding out the accessibility of key desktop applications. Finally, by developing a regression test suite, we are preparing ourselves for internal changes for GNOME 2.22.



Core Work

Firefox 3.0

STATUS: work continued to GNOME 2.22 due to Mozilla schedule slippage.


STATUS: work continued to GNOME 2.22 due to OOo schedule alignment issues.


STATUS: fair amount of work done. Slowing of a11y issue support by Evolution maintainers has hurt progress here.

Java Platform

STATUS: BLOCKED - major bug wrt to communication between Orca and Java CORBA has caused a blockage. Sun Java and a11y investigating the issue.

General GNOME Desktop


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