GNOME Terminal


1. Cut/Paste

From Steve Holmes on the Orca user list:

No, cut/paste from a gnome terminal is actually pretty easy and I've
successfully pasted it into other term windows like emacs or web forms
in Firefox.  Here's how.  

Use the flat review keys in Orca to position mouse pointer on the
first character to be copied.  Then press the numpad slash key to
begin.  Then move over with the review keys to read off the text you
want; the numpad-6 or similar flat review navigation keys could be
used.  At the end or just after the last character, press
shift-numpad-/ to end the selection.  From here, I usually use the
menus to get into edit and then choose copy.  For one thing, that
proves to me that the selection was successful.  I think you can also
use shift-ctrl-c to copy as well.  Now that text is in the clipboard
and you can paste in wherever pasting would be appropriate.

From Steve Holmes on the Orca user list:

Like Kenny said before, right clicking on a link in gnome terminal is
a fantastic feature.  I use that all the time.  if flat review keys
are being used to review the contents of a term window such as in an
e-mail in plain text, just press the numpad-* key (Caps_Lock+8 in 
laptop layout) to right click and going down the context menu, one of
the choices is "Open link".  That opens Firefox fore me and off I go 
to the web races.  I love it.

3. Tilda Terminal


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