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Editing documents with gedit is fairly streight-forward. To start it, press alft-f2 to get to the GNOME run dialogue, then type gedit and press enter. You can also open a document by specifying its name on the command line.

Orca will speak as you type depending on your speaking preferences. You can use the arrow keys to move around the document and use ctrl-left and ctrl-right to move by word. Pressing ctrl-f will bring up the find dialogue, which will allow you to search for text. Press tab or shift-tab to move forward and backward in the list of items in a dialogue, respectively.

To bring up the menu bar, press alt in combination with the mnemonic for one of the menus. For instance, alt-f will bring up the file menu. Press up or down arrow to move from menu item to menu item and right or left arrow to move from menu to menu. Where an item has a hot key to enable accessing the item directly without going through the menu, Orca will announce it. Pressing esc will leave the menu.

Pressing Alt-F4 will close the application, first prompting you to save your changes if you have not already done so.

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