Gaming With Orca

1. MUD Clients

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of MUDs or Multiuser dungeons out there. For more information on MUDs, what they are, and finding the perfect MUD for you, visit the MUD connector at: In order to play them, you need a MUD client. At the moment, there are two clients that work great with Orca. There is one MUD in particular that has built in support for people using screen readers. You can find more information about it at:

1.1. Gnome-Mud

Gnome-Mud is a client that supports triggers, aliases, variables, and more. It's trigger support is not as powerful as some other mud clients, but it does have a gui. In Ubuntu, you can install it by opening terminal and typing:

sudo apt-get install gnome-mud

Once installed it is located under Applications, Games, Gnome-Mud. Scripting has been done to make it more accessible with Orca.

1.2. Tintin++

Tintin++ is a very powerful MUD client. It supports scripting including triggers, aliases, macros, variables, functions, classes, and more. It is a terminal based client but it is very easy to use. To install it, visit: Click on the "Download" link, then click the Linux 1.98.6 pre-compiled binary (tt++) (.tar.gz file) link. Once the file is downloaded unzip it in your home directory. To launch it, open a terminal and type


If you have created a file with triggers etc, you can specify the file name to have it automatically loaded. E.g:

./tt++ character.tin

1.3. Kildclient

Kildclient is another very powerful MUD client. It supports all the things listed for the previous MUD clients with the addition of perl scripts. Currently it does not automatically speak incoming text and it is necessary to use flat review to read what is happening. Work is currently being done on a script for Orca to make it more accessible.

2. BSDGames

BSDGames is a package of text based games. Most of them are accessible with Orca. In Ubuntu, to get it, open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install bsdgames
  • BSDGames can be downloaded from: Here is a list of the games that work well with Orca.

2.1. Adventure

A text-based exploration game. to start the game, type adventure in a terminal.

2.2. Arithmetic

Answer simple math questions as quickly as you can. To start the game, type arithmetic in a terminal.

2.3. Battlestar

Text-based adventure game. If you escape the ship alive and manage to pilot your viper through space to an island, you get to explore the island. The ship battles aren't very accessible, so avoid them if possible. To launch it, type battlestar in a terminal.

2.4. Go Fish

Play the card game go fish. Works very well with Orca. To launch it type go-fish in a terminal.

2.5. Monopoly

The classic board game of monopoly. To launch the game, type monop in a terminal.

2.6. phantasia

Appears to be a multiuser adventure game. I haven't spent much time on it, but from a quick impression it seems to be accessible. To launch it, type phantasia in a terminal.

2.7. Trek

A Star Trek game. It's a little tricky to figure out, so if you aren't sure what to do type a question mark at the prompt. To launch it, type trek in a terminal.

2.8. Wumpus

Hunt and slay the dreaded wumpus. Just don't get killed yourself, lots of ways for that to happen including falling in pits or being eaten by the wumpus. To launch it, type wump in a terminal.

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