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  • Description: integrated mail, calendar, task and address book distributed suite from Novell, Inc.
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  • Summary: Accessible as of version 2.6.1. Evolution has been tested and scripted extensively by the Orca team, and is a viable solution for your email, calendar, and contact management needs.
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Mail Subsystem

Enabling Caret Mode

Although the Mail subsystem of Evolution is very accessible, you'll need to activate Caret Mode for better accessibility. To do this, just press F7 in the main window, or go to the View menu and check the Caret Mode option. With this done, you'll be able to:

  • Read a mail message, using the cursor keys to walk through the text.
  • Read the From, To, Subject, etc headers in a message
  • Read word by word, or the entire message starting at the carrot position.

Relevant Keystrokes

With Caret Mode activated, you can use this keystrokes to more easily read your mail messages or compose new ones:



Up/Down arrow

Go to (and read) previous/next line of text

Left/Right arrow

Go to (and read) previous/next character

Shift+Up/Down arrow

Select/deselect previous/next line

Shift+Left/Right arrow

Select/deselect previous/next character

Ctrl+left/right arrow

Go to previous/next word


Select/deselect previous/next word

Home/End keys

Go to beginning/end of current line


Select from current character to beginning/end of line


Read entire message, starting at current line/sentence (depending on Orca preferences)

Note that most of this keystrokes aren't specific to Orca. They are however, very useful to access Evolution with Orca.

See also the Evolution Keyboard Shortcuts page.

Contacts Subsystem

To make the Contacts subsystem really accessible, you'll have to change the Current View to List View. For this, switch to Contacts (Ctrl+2 or go to the View menu and in the Window submenu, select Contacts). When in Contacts, go to the View menu, and in the Current View submenu, select List View.

Cleaning Up the Interface

This is more a question of personal preference, but you can clean up Evolution's interface to more easily use it with Orca.

  • Disable Toolbar: In the View menu, Layout submenu, deselect Show Toolbar
  • Disable Statusbar: In the View menu, Layout submenu, deselect Show Statusbar
  • Disable Switcher Buttons: To disable the Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc buttons, go to the View menu and in the Switcher Appearance, select Hide Buttons

The information on this page and the other Orca-related pages on this site are distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

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