Orca Doc Squad

1. Sign up!

If you are interested in joining the Orca Doc Squad, please add your name here:

  • Charles Warner
  • Mike Reiser
  • Steve Holmes
  • Billy Wolfe
  • Francisco Javier Dorado
  • Your name here

2. Proposed Tasks

  • Reviewing all the existing help and submitting corrections.
  • Revising the wiki: What should be removed due to being outdated, not useful, or contained in the new help content?
  • Writing new content (plain text is fine and encouraged) for inclusion in either the official help contents or the wiki

3. Future Goals

  • The Orca Doc Squad would become part of the official GNOME DocumentationProject, so that we can:

    1. ensure that Orca docs are always consistent with what the rest of the GNOME community is doing
    2. provide feedback to the DocumentationProject on any accessibility issues so that all GNOME documentation is fully accessible

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