Integrating Collection into Orca

  • Description: Collection interface integration into Orca.
  • Summary: Under development. The Collection interface, via pyatspi, will give Orca a performance enhancement by providing AT-SPI server side search capabilities.


Currently, searching within the accessible hierarchy is performed by doing repeated inter-process calls to the AT-SPI registry. The Collection interface, on the other hand, takes a given MatchRule and returns a result set from a single inter-process call. MatchRules are created using desired states, attributes, roles and supported interfaces.

Installing and updating Orca

Collection support in Orca is being committed to the main trunk of the Orca repository and will appear in release versions as they become available. Backwards compatibility will be maintained in all versions during this time. Please refer to the table below to see how we are progressing.

Installing and updating Collection

The first version of Collection was committed to the at-spi repository in early December 2007. To build from source perform the following:

svn co at-spi
cd at-spi
./ --prefix=/usr --libexecdir=/usr/lib/at-spi
sudo make install





Tested for Regressions

Firefox Read Page Summary

bug #490568


{OK} for release version of at-spi

Firefox structural 'go to' methods. Includes previous and next heading, headingAtLevel, list, listitem, table, landmarks, blockquote, and visited and unvisited links.

bug #491837

Orca patch, at-spi patch

Bug Tracking

This section is reserved for links to relevant Collection bugs and requests for enhancements.

See also the Mozilla Bugs page for a list of Mozilla bugs that prevent Orca from doing as good a job as it could do.

Developer Resources

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