ostree.gnome.org is a server running RHEL 6, with an "ostree" Unix user where builds are run (manually right now). For more details on the initial setup of the server, see bug 669772.

Current roles of the server

  • Pull git repositories (ostbuild resolve --fetch)
  • Perform component builds (ostbuild build-components)
  • Perform prefix composes (ostbuild compose)
  • Serve the source code via HTTP http://ostree.gnome.org/src

  • Serve the resulting repository directly via HTTP http://ostree.gnome.org/repo

Administration and builds

Right now, only Colin has ssh access. He has a "screen" session in his Unix account with a few windows. There's two tasks:

Updating the Yocto build from Colin's poky git

$ cd /srv/ostree/src/poky
$ git pull -r 
$ cd /srv/ostree/build/gnomeos-build
$ bitbake gnomeos-contents-{runtime,devel}

Optionally, we might want to update the prefix (i.e. the gnomeos-3.4-i686-runtime and gnomeos-3.4-i686-devel trees):

$ ostbuild compose

But normally we'd just let this happen after the second part:

Updating ostbuild

See GnomeOSTree/Building. There's really nothing happening that's special on the build server.

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