NetworkManager VPN plugins

NetworkManager supports VPN connections for all popular VPN connections via plugins.

The VPN plugin consists of the editor dialog and a D-Bus service that manages the actual VPN connection.

NetworkManager-fortisslvpn (releases)

Fortinet SSLVPN compatible

NetworkManager-libreswan (releases)

IPsec IKEv1 VPN, Cisco compatible

NetworkManager-pptp (releases)

PPTP, Microsoft compatible

NetworkManager-openconnect (releases)

Cisco AnyConnect, Juniper

NetworkManager-openvpn (releases)


NetworkManager-vpnc (releases)

IPsec VPN, Cisco compatible


NetworkManager 1.16.0+ supports WireGuard natively and not as VPN plugin

VPN Plugins maintained by third parties

There's also a couple of plugins which are not maintained by NetworkManager developers; but seem to work well for some people anyway. Visit their web sites to check them out:


Plugin using the propritary Cisco AnyConnect VPN client


Tunnel IP traffic via DNS using Iodine


L2TP compatible VPN plugin


Connect using OpenSSH's Tunnel capability


SSTP compatible VPN plugin


IKEv2 enables IPsec plugin with support for EAP, PSK and certificate authentication


WireGuard VPN plugin (Note that NetworkManager 1.16.0+ supports WireGuard natively)

Plugin compatibility note

NetworkManager maintains backward compatibility with older plugin versions. That means that the plugin version will work with later NetworkManager versions, such as 1.2.

There's one exception to this: the editor plugins were ported to new libnm library in NetworkManager 1.2. The older version of the library can not coexist in a single process. Thus, the newer libnm-based nm-connection-editor will not be able to edit the VPN connections unless you also upgrade the VPN plugin.

For VPN plugins, the major-minor version indicates the minimal required NetworkManager version. It is therefore expected and correct that for certain NetworkManager versions there exists no matching VPN plugin version. For example, for NetworkManager-pptp might not exist a 1.4.0 version because the latest 1.2.x version is suitable and up-to-date to run against NetworkManager 1.4.0.

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