NetworkManager 0.7 Release

This page lists tasks which must be completed for the release of NetworkManager 0.7.

Gnome Keyring Issues (PUNTED)

pam_keyring is problematic on systems where a previous keyring was in-use. On login pam_keyring will attempt to unlock the 'login' keyring, and if that succeeds, the 'login' keyring will be default. If the unlock fails (login and keyring passwords are different for example) the 'default' keyring may end up being the default keyring. Your secrets can sometimes end up different keyrings, leading to confusion about which keyring password you need to enter when NM needs secrets.

Honor hostname (DONE)

hostnames are not currently handled by NetworkManager because X11 has traditionally depended on them for Xauth and other functionality. Thus, changing the hostname while logged in to X11 would result in odd behavior like application launch hangs for 30 seconds while ICE/libSM tried to resolve the local hostname against out-of-date nameservers, failure to launch any X applications becuase the Xauth cookie was no longer the same (Xauth cookies used to include the hostname of the machine at the time the session manager started up), etc.

System-settings plugins (DONE)

Plugins should be divided into read-only and read/write capability. At this point, only the keyfile plugin has read/write capability. Plugins that are read-only shouldn't be able to be edited in the connection editor becuase the connection can't be written back anyway. New connections should be created by the first read/write plugin.


At least the public interfaces of libnm-util and libnm-glib should be documented with gtk-doc.

License headers

All source and header files should have correct GPL or LGPL license headers.

Re-license libnm-util (DONE) and libnm-glib to LGPL

We're pretty sure that the only copyright holders on these libraries are Dan Williams, Tambet Ingo, and David Cantrell. A more in-depth audit needs to be performed before relicensing these libraries to LGPL. (2008-07-27: libnm-util relicensed in svn r3859)

Website update

Need to rework the NetworkManager website for the 0.7 release.

Get access (DONE)

Should put official release on and I (Dan Williams) don't have a shell account.

Custom Routes UI (DONE)

Create UI for entering custom routes in the connection editor, and ignoring any automatically provided routes (VPN, DHCP, etc).

Sanitize errors

Ensure that public API returns errors when appropriate, and returns the right errors.

Connection Editor IPv4 Method fixes (DONE)

For VPN connections, need to remove methods like "autoip" and "shared" that don't make any sense, and need to change wording of the method items to use "Automatic" instead of DHCP since VPN doesn't necessarily use DHCP.

Finish OpenVPN and PPTP plugin Import/Export

Exporting to openvpn config files isn't implemented yet. Import/export of PPTP configuration is not yet implemented.

Port PPtP plugin to 0.7 (DONE)

This plugin needs to be ported to the 0.7 D-Bus interface and the 0.7 UI plugin interface.

Symbol Visibility (DONE)

Only export symbols that are part of the public API of libnm_glib and libnm-util.

SO versioning

Should split older libnm_glib bits off into it's own library, and rename the new bits libnm-glib with a higher soname.

Shared/Create/Other wireless network

These aren't sufficiently differentiated in the applet UI. There are 3 use-cases here:

  • Connect to hidden wifi networks (currently Connect to Other...)
  • Create a new IPv4LL adhoc network to quickly share files with others
  • Create a new "Shared" adhoc network to provide network access to others over wifi (currently Create New...)

The current situation is confusing and doesn't present the use-cases clearly.

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