For Translators

Translating NetworkManager

NetworkManager is translated in Zanata:

Use it for submitting translations for the daemon, nmcli and nmtui.

Translating the VPN plugins and the applet

These are hosted in GNOME infrastructure. Check out TranslateProjects for details on how to do the translations there.

For Maintainers

The GNOME translators push the changes directly into the repositories. For Zanata-managed content, you need to pull changes in and upload the updated .pot files.

Get a Zanata API key and put the following to your '~/.config/zanata.ini':


Upload the current template with:

$ make -C po NetworkManager.pot
$ zanata-cli push

To download the translations do:

$ zanata-cli pull
$ make -C po update-po
$ git commit -am 'po: update translations'

If you want to add translations from outside Zanata, first make sure you pull translations from Zanata as described above.

Then push the translations in the import mode (to overwrite translations and flags in Zanata). You can limit it to the particular locales:

$ zanata-cli push --push-type=trans --locales pl

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