NetworkManager Features

NetworkManager is the standard Linux network configuration tool suite. It supports large range of networking setups, from desktop to servers and mobile and integrates well with popular desktop environments and server configuration management tools.

  • Well integrated with most Linux distributions, including Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS or openSUSE
  • Workstation and mobile network connectivity; Wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GSM, 3GPP
  • Networking in servers and data centers; InfiniBand, Bridging, Bonding, Teaming, VLAN, VxLAN and more

  • Command line, TUI and GUI tools, including a connection editor and applet for XFCE, LXDE and more

  • Excellent GNOME and KDE integration
  • VPN Plugins: OpenVPN, IPsec tunnels, OpenConnect (Cisco and Juniper compatible), Fortinet and more

  • IPv4 and IPv6 support; multiple manual and automatic (DHCP, NDP, DHCPv6, Link-Local) configuration options
  • A developer-friendly D-Bus API

Supported Wireless Hardware

Drivers that are included in the upstream Linux kernel work best with NetworkManager, because they have been reviewed and vetted by many kernel developers. If the driver isn't upstream, work with the provider of the driver to clean it up and submit it for inclusion into the kernel. If the driver is not completely open-source (like ndiswrapper, madwifi, and Broadcom's wl.o), then driver bugs cannot be fixed quickly and easily, and NetworkManager cannot be guaranteed to work with it. Make sure the drivers you use are top-quality.

Supported Mobile Broadband Hardware

NetworkManager uses ModemManager for great mobile broadband device support. A partial listing of supported mobile broadband hardware is on the wiki. If your hardware is not on the list it's likely to be supported, but many devices first appear in a "fake driver CD" mode and must be changed to modem mode using a tool like usb_modeswitch.

Supported VPNs

NetworkManager integrates well with most VPN software. Check VPN plugin overview to find the right plugin for your network.

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