This is a preliminary list of features and work items for the upcoming 1.4 stable release.

At this point it's just a list of features that were not implemented for 1.2. It has not been discussed or reviewed.

This list is not exhaustive and plans may change depending on available people, whether other community members submit patches for these items, and whether or not things not on this list suddenly become important. If you have any comments, proposed additions, etc please discuss on the mailing list or IRC, and we'll be happy to update the list!

Core Team work items

These are high priority items for the core team, and we expect to complete most of these items in time for the release. However, if community members wish to contribute to any of these items, please do!

  • VPNs as devices (dcbw?)
  • WiFi P2P (WiFi display/direct)

  • Creation of OVS bridges; native handling of ports
  • proxy settings (jklimes)
  • nmtui editing VPN support ( (danw)

  • Change unmanaged to behave like default-unmanaged
    • always use a created connection instead of a matched one
    • make assumed and unmanaged be the same thing (really don't touch, and don't restart DHCP)
    • write out some state and fully re-manage previously managed devices instead of assuming them
  • Add behave functionality and some testcases to live-vm image
  • nmcli import/export (jklimes)
  • generic connection support in nmcli (jklimes)
  • certificate subject/domain match (danw)
    • 2nd step - certificate pinning
  • IPv6 connection sharing
  • P11-kit integration
  • Connection templates or generators
    • Use cases: generic mechanism for "Wired Connection 1", method=shared or bridge-slave for ve-* when they appear

Community-Driven and "nice-to-have" Features

These features would be nice to have, and the core team probably won't have time to work on them. However, we still feel they are important, and so we'd love to have community members step up and work on these items. If want to help, please do!

  • Block more specific DHCP-delivered routes from overriding VPN ones
  • DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation
  • Native support for SIT interfaces and other IPv6 tunnels
  • decouple PPPoE from Ethernet
  • complete nmtui device config support (WPA Enterprise, WWAN)
  • convert nmcli readline usage to single-threaded
  • make VPN plugins drop privileges
  • identify ways to drop unecessary privileges
  • NMPlatform refactoring; one-instance-per-namespace (?)
  • WPS patches

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