Nautilus Python


Nautilus-python is a set of python bindings for the Nautilus Extension Framework. With these bindings, you can write extensions for the Nautilus File Manager in python.

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Development Resources


Who is using Nautilus-Python to write extensions? Here is a short list I have compiled. Please email me if you would like your extension added to this list.

  • RabbitVCS - A set of graphical tools providing easy access to version control systems such as Subversion and Git.

  • NautilusBzr - A plugin for Bazaar that aims to provide GTK+ interfaces to most Bazaar operations.

  • Tracker Tag - Add Tags to files in Tracker

  • Folder Color for Ubuntu - Choose the color of a folder in Ubuntu with just a right-click.

  • Coherence DLNA/UPnP Framework - Interact with Coherence and other Media Servers

  • Actions For Nautilus - Allows you to add arbitrary actions to the Gnome Files selection context menu.

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