/!\ This page is obsolete but retained for historical reasons. Mousetweaks is not developed anymore.

What is Mousetweaks ?

Mousetweaks is an Accessibility Software whose developement started as a GSoC 2007 project under Ubuntu and is part of GNOME since GNOME 2.22. It brings additional functionalities to the pointer that allow a user to:

  • open the contextual menu by clicking and holding the left mousebutton; it is for example useful for users that can manipulate only one button
  • perform the 4 click types (left click, double click, drag click and right click) by software; it is for example useful for users that are not able to manipulate any button
  • to lock the pointer temporarily into an area on the screen; it is for example useful for people that have to use their pointing hardware not only for the computer

I would suggest that you watch the video (53 MB) hosted on Launchpad. Even though it is a bit outdated, it should illustrate what mousetweaks is about.

Mousetweaks' tarballs download

Mousetweaks' previous hosting site; it is now hosted on this site and the source code is on GNOME Git.

Mousetweaks' module proposal; the module is part of GNOME since GNOME 2.22.

Mousetweaks' usability page; the usability work is finished and the features are located in the new Accessibility tab of the mouse control panel.

Mousetweaks' original specifications; they actual implementation differs from it; for example the mouse gestures feature is completely missing as it would probably be better suited in a separate application.

Roadmap for GNOME 2.91.x

Mousetweaks' has a short roadmap for the 2.91.x release cycle.


The mousetweaks package includes documentation in docbook format until its 2.32.x release.

The following release targeted at GNOME 3 is planned with a documentation in the new mallard format.



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