MouseTrap v0.4 [A.K.A] NG

The MouseTrap v0.4 (a.k.a NG) is the new generation of Mousetrap's code. It has been rewritten from scratch keeping the most important ideas of the older versions. This version intends to improve MouseTrap usability and performance by reducing the hardware requirements and making it more controllable.

Main Changes

This a short list of the changes implemented on this version: (For detailed information ask in the Mailing List)

  • MouseTrap and Ocvfw code has been separated.(Will be documented soon)

  • Smother movements.
  • Multiple algorithms support.
  • Introduction of the idm concept. (Will be documented soon)
  • New user Interface. (Intends to use less space and be easier to use)

What is MouseTrap expecting with v0.4?

The v0.4 release wasn't expected so soon but as MouseTrap's work goes on it is important to make it's code cleaner and cleaner and be sure that it can be used by any kind of users with any webcam. The intention right now is to extend MouseTrap with new algorithms and let users/developers get use to the new version.

What about v0.5 ?

There's no v0.5 on going work. Right now it is important to make the v0.4 as stable as possible and extend it's features as mentioned above.

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