Currently this page holds thoughts on MouseTrap testing.


MouseTrap takes a multi-pronged approach to testing. Note that testing uses a mix of automated testing and manual testing. Testing will include:

  1. Unit Testing
  2. GUI Testing

Unit Testing

To do:

  • FIgure out where testing belongs in source code base/directory structure.
  • Figure out how to link testing into the autotools.
  • Write up a policy on how to organize test cases. (One file per directory? One file per file?) We need to research and find out what GNOME policy is.
  • Figure out how this impacts contributors. Do we need to require contributors to write test cases for contributions?

GUI Testing

To do:

  • Need to find an automated testing tool.
  • Need to research GUI testing for feature tracking software.
    • Look at SIGITE papers from 2012 from Brigham Young.

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