01-28-2014 Meeting summary

== Announcements ==

  • MouseTrap sprint Friday from 9a-4p at WNE Herman 201 and virtually here (stoney, 19:01:02)

  • Please welcome Roland, our newest member (stoney, 19:04:05)

Updates (stoney, 19:06:15)

  • Reviewing patches as they are attached on the bug tracker (kevin-brown, 19:08:05)
  • I have redone a patch for bug 691881, and re-submitted it. Should be cleaned up (LoganH, 19:14:03)
  • I will be working on the OpenCV bindings for the Python3 issue and other bugs that I can(think I can) resolve. (Roland, 19:24:10)
  • My students are working on trying to create an IDE for a student who can only program with one finger... Last semester we tried doing it with Caribou and Simon but made little progress... (patti, 19:25:39)
  • Stoney has nothing to report. (stoney, 19:25:54)
  • I had to drop one student from last semester because he did little to no work... The new student found the right platform on which to get SIMON to work... Kubuntu (patti, 19:26:04)
  • I had two students and one stayed... she had no experience with open source, but managed to do more than the experienced open source person from last semester (patti, 19:26:29)

Action Items

  • figure out what is the best platform for Caribou or find a keyboard that is AT-SPI2 compatible in Kubuntu (patti, 19:41:04)
  • redo Point Mapper patch (LoganH, 19:41:30)
  • apply, test, and commit patches (stoney, 19:41:50)
  • connect Roland and Amber (stoney, 19:42:04)
  • look into a smooth transition to Python 3 (kevin-brown, 19:42:26)
  • MouseTrap IRC meetings are at 1 Thursdays (stoney, 19:43:30)

People Present (lines said)

  • stoney (108)
  • patti (27)
  • kevin-brown (14)
  • LoganH (13)
  • Roland (6)
  • tota11y (3)

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