01-03-2014 Meeting Summary

Updates (heidi, 17:02:57)

  • I completed cv to cv2 conversion and submitted a patch (LoganH, 17:05:24)
  • I also updated the gtk widget files that are used for the point mapper. The point mapper isn't working yet, but it no longer crashes when enabled (LoganH, 17:06:08)
  • There seems to be an issue somewhere where its getting its size from the parent window (LoganH, 17:06:32)
  • Finally, I have created a python script on the side to test the lk_points that MouseTrap uses to see if I can figure out how its suppose to work. (LoganH, 17:07:36)

  • I have the program following a point, but it won't lock onto the area between the eyes. From communication with the opencv community, it appears that lk_points track image corners, and the area between the eyes is pretty flat (no real distinctive changes), so its hard to use that fucntion for tracking in that location. (LoganH, 17:08:51)
  • so I am trying to determine how flavio had it working originally if the function isn't meant for that kind of area (LoganH, 17:09:20)
  • http://www.gnebehay.com/tld (LoganH, 17:15:37)

  • UEFI is a new interface for the BIOS. Many windows computers enable a mechanism which is suppose to provide more security, but is making our lives a bit harder. :) (paxnovem, 17:24:02)

  • there is a script that was designed to fix this problem for older versions of fedora. I got it working on my laptop. I haven't tested it on other laptops yet though. (paxnovem, 17:28:00)

Meeting time for spring (heidi, 17:52:21)

  • ACTION: Create doodle poll for spring meeting time. (heidi, 17:58:11)

Action items

  • Create doodle poll for spring meeting time.

People present (lines said)

  • heidi (92)
  • stoney (50)
  • LoganH (44)
  • john (16)
  • paxnovem (15)
  • tota11y (4)
  • ScottC (3)

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