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   1 17:06:12 <heidi> #startmeeting
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   4 17:06:14 <stoney> sure
   5 17:06:46 <paxnovem> sure
   6 17:06:51 <heidi> The bot appears to be working and J*nie sent me the notes from last time.
   7 17:06:59 <heidi> I just haven't had a chance to put them up yet.
   8 17:07:03 <heidi> #topic Updates
   9 17:07:22 <stoney> cool
  10 17:07:25 <heidi> paxnovem: would you like to start with the updates as you have clearly been making progress?
  11 17:07:46 <paxnovem> Sure
  12 17:08:16 <heidi> Please use the #info before your comments.
  13 17:08:21 <heidi> So that they'll go in the notes :-)
  14 17:09:39 <paxnovem> #info I have been working on creating bootable persistent usb's for the code sprint
  15 17:10:17 <heidi> #info A bootable USB for Mousetrap
  16 17:10:45 <heidi> And how far have you gotten? Perhaps summarize the email that you sent.
  17 17:11:42 <paxnovem> #info I have been able to get a script to work on fedora that achieves this and have started writing the wiki directions
  18 17:12:19 <heidi> Good!
  19 17:12:20 <paxnovem> #info the method that the fedora project recommends doesn't work because of a bug specifically for fedora 18
  20 17:12:36 <heidi> Good to know.
  21 17:12:58 <stoney> (heidi, when you get a chance: for the sprint, are we looking at Fridays, weekdays, or any days?)
  22 17:13:34 <heidi> (Stoney, I was thinking Fridays, but that might put it off until February as we're at the OpenFE meeting.)
  23 17:14:00 <stoney> (almost... there is the 31st :) )
  24 17:14:09 <heidi> stoney: The 31st works. :-)
  25 17:14:20 <heidi> paxnovem: Do you need some USB drives to test with?
  26 17:14:24 <heidi> And what size?
  27 17:14:57 <paxnovem> I have one 16 gig that I have been using to test
  28 17:15:06 <heidi> How big is the image?
  29 17:15:17 <heidi> Does it take the entire drive?
  30 17:16:50 <paxnovem> Fedora requires about three gigs to install, but you also have to set aside space for persistent settings. How much space do you want the usb's to have?
  31 17:17:12 <heidi> I think I've got some 8GB hanging around.
  32 17:17:13 <paxnovem> The max is about 4 gigs due to limitations of fat32
  33 17:17:29 <heidi> Just trying to get an idea of size for the hackathon.
  34 17:17:35 <stoney> cool
  35 17:17:42 <paxnovem> the above is for persistent space, the drive can be bigger
  36 17:17:58 <heidi> Right, OK>
  37 17:18:08 <heidi> And what do you need to go forward?
  38 17:21:41 <heidi> paxnovem: What do you need to go forward?
  39 17:22:03 <paxnovem> Well, I am going to use my dad's Mac to test if the usb works on that platform. I am also worried about different brands of flash drives since they sometimes have hidden partitions that can mess things up? I have been using pny so far
  40 17:22:03 <heidi> paxnovem: Let us know when you get a version ready for testing and we can do so.
  41 17:22:24 <heidi> Ah, OK. I've got a couple of different ones in my office we can try.
  42 17:22:40 <heidi> Keep us posted!
  43 17:22:54 <heidi> Given our time constraints,lets see if someone else has anything.
  44 17:22:58 <heidi> kevin-brown: Anything to report?
  45 17:23:20 <stoney> (FYI: sending "pole" to
  46 17:23:34 <kevin-brown> Sadly, no.  I am planning on jumping back into the project this weekend
  47 17:23:47 <heidi> That's fine. Just checking.
  48 17:24:04 <heidi> I've been heads down in Christmas preparations myself.
  49 17:24:13 <heidi> stoney:  Anything new from you?
  50 17:24:44 <stoney> nothing new from me... I've been in the conversation with paxnovem regarding the USBs
  51 17:24:52 <stoney> except...
  52 17:24:59 <stoney> I guess I should announce it here
  53 17:25:13 <heidi> ?
  54 17:25:14 <stoney> #info I'm messing up the sprint that was scheduled for 1/17
  55 17:25:22 <heidi> Ah, no fuss.
  56 17:25:36 <stoney> #info watch for a doodle pole through
  57 17:26:03 <stoney> #info we'll shoot for 1/31 for the next development sprint
  58 17:26:08 <stoney> there :)
  59 17:26:27 <heidi> Good!
  60 17:26:41 <heidi> Does anyone need anything to go forwards?
  61 17:27:35 <paxnovem> Once done with the usb wiki, should I look at VM's?
  62 17:27:46 <heidi> Yes, please.
  63 17:27:57 <heidi> Would be good to know if that was possible.
  64 17:28:26 <paxnovem> ok, I will get on that
  65 17:28:41 <stoney> I've create the pole ... i'll send it out when I get back from the vet
  66 17:28:44 <heidi> Does anyone have anything else?
  67 17:29:07 <stoney> i'm set
  68 17:29:31 <paxnovem> i'm good
  69 17:29:41 <stoney> next meeting is.... ?
  70 17:29:45 <heidi> Let's not meet next week and plan to meet on Jan. 3rd.
  71 17:29:47 <heidi> :-)
  72 17:29:51 <stoney> :)
  73 17:29:57 <stoney> perfect
  74 17:30:15 <heidi> Great, thank you all for coming!
  75 17:30:20 <heidi> #endmeeting

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