09-20-2013 Meeting Summary

Meeting started by stoney at 17:00:28 CET (full logs).



Clean up old repositories (stoney, 17:04:17)

  • ACTION: stoney will fork amber's to mousetrap_summer2013 (stoney, 17:07:06)
  • ACTION: stoney will delete his original fork (stoney, 17:07:34)
  • ACTION: after stoney fork's amber's, amber may delete hers (stoney, 17:08:15)

Transfer/integrate development effort to GNOME (stoney, 17:08:33)

  • SE students have as homework to download, install and report back on gnome3-wip (heidi, 17:09:04)
  • Results are to be logged on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=708303 (heidi, 17:10:12)

  • ACTION: The entire SE class will report to LoganH on installation success/failure and LoganH will post on Bugzilla (heidi, 17:12:32)

bugzilla.gnome.org - Needs more attention from us (stoney, 17:24:31)

  • To add yourself to follow bugs, log-in to bugzilla.gnome.org, click preferences>email preferences, and add "mousetrap-maint@gnome.bugs" to the "Add users to my watch list" box. (LoganH, 17:30:24)

  • ACTION: Stoney will investigate the opencv patch to see if and how it applies (heidi, 17:39:55)

Most Wanted List (stoney, 17:40:50)

Meeting ended at 17:45:29 CET (full logs).

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