4-05-2013 MouseTrap Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by heidi at 18:07 CET.
  • Meeting ended at 18:58 CET.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Heidi - heidi (54)
    • Amber - amber (47)
    • Stoney - Stoney (12)
    • Darci - darci (10)
    • Logan - LoganH (6)
    • John - john (4)
    • Nikki - dark_rose (2)
  • Log

Status Updates from Students

  • Today is the MouseTrap sprint -- folks at the WNE campus sketched out what is believed to be the current design for the ocv part of the system, they have also started doing a sequence diagram to show the major use case for MouseTrap

  • amber also has a basic sketch of the ocvfw
  • LoganH has been able to interject code into the start_camera function that will display the captured frame, at least proving that the capture is working
  • A couple of students from NCC are interested in joining the group -- they are working to download and install amber's version

Action Items

  • Heidi will work to get an image of their ocv design sketch and their sequence diagram put up on the foss2serve wiki

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