1-25-2013 MouseTrap Meeting Summary

  • Meeting started by darci at 18:02 CET.
  • Meeting ended at 18:50 CET.
  • Participants (Lines Said):
    • Heidi - heidi (54)
    • Darci - darci (35)
    • Amber - amber (31)
    • Greg - ghislop (31)
    • Stoney - Stoney (31)
    • John - john (25)
    • Nikki - Dark_Rose (14)
    • Joanie - joanie (3)
  • Log

Status Updates from Students

  • Amber is still working on some opencv errors, currently with detecting haar points and optical flow.
  • Amber also suggested that we find someone with expertise in opencv. Someone at Drexel has tutorials based on the older version: http://dasl.mem.drexel.edu/~noahKuntz/openCVTut10.html

  • Nikki and John are working on getting Fedora 18 installed.
  • John suggested using dd (a linux command) instead of LiveUSB.

Next Steps

  • Greg suggested that students share their status more often on the foss2serve wiki.
  • Darci suggested that everyone get signed up for the MouseTrap listserve: https://mail.gnome.org/mailman/listinfo/mousetrap-list

  • Would like to have everyone up and running on Fedora by next week
  • Heidi and Darci will work on getting IRC meeting minutes up on the MouseTrap website (using Accessibility/Minutes as a template).

  • There was some discussion as to whether we should be working from the copy of MouseTrap on github or submit changes directly to gnome.

Action Items

  • Get signed up for the Mousetrap listserve
  • Each site should update the MouseTrap status page on the foss2serve wiki with their current status

  • Try to get everyone running Fedora by next week

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