Getting Involved with MouseTrap

Quick Info

Mailing List:

IRC: #a11y

Starting Out

  • A good first step to becoming involved with MouseTrap is to install the program using our Installation Guide. If you have any trouble with the installation, hop into the IRC channel listed above and ask around. Once you have a successful installation, play around with MouseTrap to become acquainted with its operation. This user guide is a good resource for learning about using MouseTrap. If you have any ideas or questions regarding MouseTrap, remember to write them down; they can be very helpful in improving the code and documentation of the project.


  • Once you have learned a bit about the operation of the program, a good way to start contributing is to sign up for the mailing list and join the IRC channel listed at the top of this page. A good beginner's guide to IRC can be found here. The folks in the #a11y channel are an excellent resource and will certainly be able to help you start contributing. If you don't receive a response immediately, don't give up! Thank you for your interest in MouseTrap!

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